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23-06-2010 Public Boot Camp
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Location North Sydney Bowling Club
4 week programs - $20 pp
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01-07-2010 New book release
Solving America's Healthcare Crisis
by Dr. Pam Popper -$34.95 (US)
order online at
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01-07-2010 New book & film release
Find out more about the new feature film Forks Over Knives.
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    Brodrick Kent - Fitness Trainer

    Our Mission kliknite tu

    We enable our clients to challenge their existing limiting beliefs about themselves in relation to their health and fitness levels. Our personal training and group fitness empowers clients to make responsible decisions using factual information to build health and well-being for a long happy life.

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    Fitness Trainer

    Personal Trainer / Fitness Trainer

    Our fitness programs are designed by a personal trainer to accommodate your needs for any age or fitness level. With personal fitness training you learn to challenge your existing beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve. Our personal trainer works closely with you to realise your fitness goals.

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    Corporate Group Fitness Trainer

    Corporate Group Fitness with a Professional Fitness Trainer

    At Intelligent Health, our strength is in working with a group of individuals for personal fitness training. Our personal trainer encourages each member to realise their personal fitness goals while interacting as a team. All our programs contain an education component that teaches clients how to be an astute consumer and make responsible decisions in relation to their health.

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    Nutrition to Complement Personal Fitness Training

    Nutrition is the corner stone to health and this is why the concepts of prevention and wellness are now being recognised as the future of health care. Prevention starts with education as it is important to understand the many complex factors that play into health and disease and adopt practices that address health as a whole. An Intelligent Health fitness trainer provides you with a wholistic understanding of fitness.

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It is evident that the foods we choose to eat not only affect our weight, moods and energy levels, but also how we age and the rate of aging.

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The China Study is the most comprehensive research project ever undertaken on human nutrition and disease association. It has startling implications for diet, weight loss and long term health.

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With thousands of new health products and services hitting the market regularly, how does one discern between fact or fiction?"

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